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Youth Leadership Program with Central Europe for 2013


The Youth Leadership Program with Central Europe (YLPCE) is an educational exchange program that fosters leadership skills among civic-minded high school students with an interest in other cultures, international affairs, and community-based development. The program's objective is to bring together young leaders and adult mentors from Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and the United States to build cultural bridges and work together to enhance their leadership skills to solve community problems. The program aims to develop the next generation of young community leaders.

The program begins with a two-week visit in July 2013 by a group of high school-aged young adults from Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia, and Slovenia to the U.S. Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia, and Slovenia each send eight youth and one adult mentor (thirty-six persons in total). The entire group visits Washington, D.C., and then splits, with half visiting Raleigh/Research Triangle (NC), and the other half Kansas City (KS/MO). At the end of two weeks, the Central European participants will all travel to Chicago where each student presents a plan for launching a community initiative based on the skills learned during the U.S. visit. In August 2013, eight U.S. students four each from North Carolina and from Kansas City and two adult mentors make a reciprocal two-week visit to Central Europe for a parallel program in leadership skill development. Each U.S. student also designs a community initiative plan for implementation on return to the U.S.

For more details, view the program flyer or visit

For a copy of the application, click here.


Please contact Ellie Gamache, Youth Leadership Program Director, Raleigh/Research Triangle [[email protected]; 919-838-9191].

Please note the following key program dates/deadlines for North Carolina students interested in participating:

APPLICATION DEADLINE EXTENDED TO FEB. 18, 2013! (was Feb. 4) - Deadline for applications from North Carolina students

March 2013 - Finalists are interviewed

April 2013 - Participants are selected and notified

July 2013 - The four participating Central European countries each send a delegation of eight students and one adult chaperone to the U.S. Half visit Raleigh/Research Triangle region, and half visit the Kansas City area.

August 2013 - North Carolina and Kansas City each send a delegation comprised of four students and one adult chaperone for a two-week visit to Central Europe.

Fall 2013 - U.S. student participants implement leadership initiatives at their schools and in their home communities

Cost: Free!