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March, 2013

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World News

Turning It Down: Cities Combat Light Pollution By Going Dim

Blast Targets Shiites In Pakistan; Dozens Killed

Britain's Queen Hospitalized With Apparent Stomach Ailment

Miles From Home, Syrians Vote In Free Elections

Anxiety Befalls Vatican As Cardinals Gather

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Helen Ballentine

Senior Vice President, Senior Market Executive North State Bank

Mark Benson

President and CEO, Triangle Community Foundation

Catherine Burnett

Program Officer, The William R. Kenan Jr. Charitable Trust

Michael Chen

President and CEO, New Mind Education

Jean Davis

Director of International Trade, North Carolina Department of Commerce

Paul Fedorkowicz, Treasurer

Partner, Cherry, Bekaert & Holland, LLP

Jeff Frazier

Director, IBSG, Global Public Sector, Cisco Systems Inc.

Kristen Hess

President, HH Architecture

Rebecca Kohler

Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Development

Matty Lazo-Chadderton

Director,Consultant in Education, International Affairs and Public Relations

Raj Narayan

Associate Director, Kenan Institute for Engineering, Technology & Science

Florence Peacock

Community Advocate

John Quinterno

Principal, South by North Strategies, Ltd.

Millie Ravenel

Founding Executive Director, Center for International Understanding

Joy Ruhmann, Secretary

President, Level Up Leadership

Brenda Schoonover

Former Ambassador, Togo

Chacko Verghese

President/CEO, Global Market Resources Inc.